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Girths, Leathers and Irons

Amerigo Jumping Girths                  46"                $90

Brand New ~   Amerigo Special Jumping girths. Premium Italian made Double elastics, contour, soft high quality leather.  Sizes & Colors : Natural (46"), Newmarket (46, )  



The original flexible irons, these are jointed at base and pivot up and down with your foot. Relieves pressure from ankles.  (No rubber sides) Used in good condition

    Do we have additional                           accessories ?????




We have a VAST inventory of

girths, leathers, irons, pads, etc.


All are priced well below retail.  We have some used, some new and likely something you are looking for ...


If you need a particular accessory please specify sizing, color preference, and desired price range.  We will gladly check available inventory.

Classic Equine Soft Touch Jumping  Girths   48"-52"                             $38

Havana jumping girth w/ soft neoprene  lining . Excellent value! Double sided elastic, soft padded body for premium comfort. Ideal for a sensitive horse. Available in Brown 50, 52"  Black 48"


Jumping Stirrup Leathers

Havana Double Layered Heavy Duty  1" x 60"        $40

Very lightly used

Courbette Havana 58"  Leathers                                     $40  

Lightly used Courbette jumping stirrup leathers.

3/4" wide x 52" long in dark Havana brown

Passier Black Calf lined leathers                                                              $75

60"  Lightly used, very good cond.

We have several pairs of 4 1/2" & 4 3/4" rubber jointed flexible stirrup irons. Black, Grey or off White rubber sides.  Lightly used.

Ideal addition to your jumping saddle !

Herm Springer  Flexible Stirrup Irons                               $110 -$120

Lightly Used herm Sprenger:   5"  $120  4 3/4"  $125     4 1/2"  size available in like new condition. $120  Rubber jointed flexible stirrup irons.  4-Way flex system. A superb iron designed to increase safety, while preventing wear and tear on the rider's lower legs. Four pivot points allow for greater movement in two directions at the same time, relieving tension in the rider's knees, ankles and calves.


 Dressage Leathers                                    

Courbette  Black 64" Dressage leathers X-tra long                             $42

Moderate use, xlnt. cond. w/extra holes punched.

Tory  56"  Carmel  Leathers                                            $35

As new Carmel (light brown) jumping stirrup leathers sized 3/4" wide x 56" long made by Tory leather.

Jumping Girths

Jumping Girths

Flexible foot base Irons      4 3/4"                                                          $15

Stirrup Irons

Stirrup Leathers

42"  New Whitman brand Contour-Double sided Elastic    $50

44"   New  Courbette Chaffless  Havana                                  $50

44"   Contour split end, 3 layer elastic                                     $35

Gd. used condtion, xlnt. quality  Dark Havana

44"    Used Cliff Barnsby Contour 2 layer Elastic               $45  

Roller buckle, good used cond.  Made in England  

Dark Newmarket

44"   New Whitman Chaffless with 2 layer elastic          $38


46"   Contour girth  in excellent condition.                      $40

Soft leather, heavy duty 2 layer elastic.

46"  Whitman Contour ~ schooling quality                    $20  

Gently used, some rubbing on outer side, owner name written faintly on inside of elastic

48"    Tory Contour with doubled sided elastic.               $40

Rollers, 2 layer elastic. Used & in good cond.  Rich brown

Please click on photo images to magnify view

Please click on photo images to magnify view

50"  Contour in Light Havana Schooling quality           $20

Triple layer elasti, roller buckle, minor of rust on bkls.

50" Split end Dark Havana Very good used                     $38

condition. Double layer elastic

50" Newmarket Soft chaffless in very good used          $30

condition.  3 layer elastic

52"  Mahoghany Brown chaffless with roller                    $35

buckles in excellent cond. Double elastic.

52" Chaffless overlay in Mahogany/Havana                 $30

Triple layer elastic.  Exlnt. used cond.

54"  Heavy duty, 3 layer elastic, good                             $25

used cond, name on elastic ~ great schooler or spare !

56"  Albion premium soft Contour in lightly used       $70

condition. Doubled sided 2 layer elastic.  Caramel tone.

Please click on photo images to magnify view

Please click on photo images to magnify view

Cigar Brown  54"  Leathers Lightly used                      $38

Nylon reinforced at buckle, numbered holes.  1" x 54"

Stubben Blue Dot Black Brand New                                                      $80

58"        Premium leathers


64" Stubben Dressage Leathers                                                              $65

Minimally used premium leathers in xlnt. cond.    

We have a selection of irons ranging from 4 1/4" to 5".

Basic fillis style, safety break away, black or white pads. Let

us know your needs and we'll find your next set of stirrups !!

Schoolers (some spotting, older pads) $8 -$12

Lightly Used $15-20

Very good to like new $25  

Standard Fillis / Basic Stirrup Irons                                                     $8 - $25

48"  Black padded with roller buckle, double                     $35

layer elastic.   Good used cond.

50"  As NEW Crosby Fancy Stitched padded contour in light

caramel.   Triple elastic w/ roller buckles.                      $75                                


Passier Calf 55" lined Medium-deep Brown ,

lightly used                                                                          $70          

Nunn Finer Havana Brown  Leathers 48"  New !      $45

Layered & Nylon reinforced, half holes.  

1" x 48"

Stubben ~ AS NEW Calf Lined Black 60"                                             $90

Soft, non-chaffing premium lined leathers  1 x 60


52"  Carmel color  Made in England chafless                   $45

with rollerbuckles, Triple elastic.

In nearly brand new cond.  (not shown)

46"  Split End Overlay -Premium Contour ~               $50  

Gently used, minor sweat stain at "elbow"

3x elastic

Dressage Girths

48"  Prestige Nona Garson jumping girth in                      $75

excellent used condition. Double elastic, "D" ring on center and on both sides. Caramel brown (no phot0)

Royal Rider Original Stirrups in high-tech DuPont® Technopolymer absorb shock and tension without added bulk. Each stirrup weighs just 200 grams. A wide footbed offers optimal balance and control. Lightly used.

Royal Rider  Original Lightweight Stirrups     4 3/4"                 $ 90


Otto Schumacher 20" 50cm Premium  Dbl Elastic      $120

Classic Equine Soft touch Synthetic 24"(1)       $38

Wintec Elastic 24"                                                      $18

Stubben flat Concealed buckles 24"                    $35

New Covered ends wide flat 24"                          $40

Double Elastic Leather 24"                                 $30

Otto Schumacher Countour Dbl. elastic 26"                       $95

HDR Contour 26" as new                                       $40

Wintec Elastic 26" Schooling                                   $5


Concealed Buckles 26"                                       $28

Equibette Center Elastic 26"                                $40

Albion Two Tone Padded 28"                                $50

Dover Center Elastic Prem. 28"                         $45

Schleese Brown Concelaed Buckle new 28"     $75

Prestige contour xlnt cond 26" (65cm)          $100

Superior Saddlery Custom Contour new 26"            $125

Premium (unbranded) Center Elastic 30"            $40

Amerigo Contour Elastic sides 30" (75cm)            $90

Padded Double Elastic Like new 32"                   $45

Otto Schumacher 1' wide premium Dressage Leathers                 $55                                             nearly new -long - 160 cm