&  Murphy's Sport Horses

17"  A- H

Sold-Jeffries Hawk Eventer  ~New                      Medium                     $795

English made Jeffries Hawk Event model.  Floor model at clearance price !   Wool flocked panels, front and rear blocks.  Narrow twist w/ deep supportive seat.  "A" shaped gullet is designed for steeper, well defined withers.  4 1/8" gullet , Flap 14"+.  


Cliff Barnsby Milton CC jumping saddle.  Medium tree, fits as med-narrow . Chocolate brown, forward flap, pencil knee rolls, made in England, saddle is in virtually new condition with small kitty scratches on seat  Well suited to narrower horse with high withers.  Gullet 3 1/2 "  Flaps 13 3/4"


 Barnsby Milton                                    Medium-Narrow                             $495

Devoucoux Chiberta                                  Medium (Normal)                    $1895

Devoucoux Chiberta Monoflap in gently used condition! Stamped as 17", this saddle rides as if a 16 1/2" seat. Soft, full calf leather offers supeior grip, narrow twist. The outstanding balance over stirrup bars makes this a jumping favorite. Serial Info: Chiberta 6 126 09  17 DR 2 PA PX5 PX6 Gullet 4 1/4" Flap 13"


Cliff Barnsby Whitaker close contact jumping saddle.  Lightly used and in excellent condition. Narrow twist, half deep seat, panels are foam with wool felt. Made in England. Medium tree will fit on narrow side. Gullet 3 3/4 " with wither clearance. Flaps 13 3/4"  Serial # S4933


 Barnsby Whitaker                                Medium                                     $450

Baines Enduro  LDR  Trail                      Wide                                      $895

Frank Baines Enduro LDR competitive trail saddle. Wide fit, constructed  with an open head and narrow waist and broad, wool flocked panels to distribute the riders weight evenly. 'V" girth system maintains secures saddle position.  Multi layers of latex form a soft, deep seat for rider comfort.  5" gullet with low pommel and open channel. 16 1/2" Flap Serial 17 T4 8134

  County  Innovation / Sensation                                Narrow                                       $2295

Pristine Custom County  jumping model with Narrow tree. Incorporates the Innovation style seat and flaps with the Sensation model's tree and whippy panels. Dark Chocolate bull leather, deep gussets, premium spring tree, wool flocked.  Short flap option. nameplate removed.  Gullet  3 3/4" Flap 12 1/2" Serial #11030306

Crosby Excel H                                     Wide                                                   $595

Crosby Excel H close contact saddle with wide tree. Mfg. in England, the Excel is a long time favorite for the H/J ring. Offering security and balance, it has a narrow twist and supportive seat base. 14 1/2" flap, 4 1/4" gullet. Spring tree, foam panels. Minor nicks on cantle, very good condition overall.

Devoucoux Orkea I                                    Medium (Normal)                  $1395  

Devoucoux Oreka I with 1A flap- ideal for petite rider. Calfskin flaps, soft padded deep seat, gently used and in beautiful conditon. Arcade Normal 430 06 17 1A

PX5, PX415, PX310 PXLUZ

Gullet 4 " Flap 12"


County Sensation                                                           Narrow                                $2195

County Sensation in Oakbark color bull leather with narrow fit tree. The Sensation jumper was designed to allow excellent wither clearance for those horses with prominent withers. This saddle has been gently used and is in very nice condition.  Gullet measures 3 3/4" Flap 13" Serial # 12071418

 Albion K2                                        Narrow medium  (Med)                           $1195

The K2 Jumping saddle features Albion's

wool flocked K panels for secure positioning over horse's shoulders. Narrow twist with supportive half deep seat, knee blocks and intrgrated thigh blocks. Stamped as Narrow medium yet tree is generous, will fit as medium. Soft supple leather, in good used condition. 5 1/4 "  gullet.  Flaps 14"


 County Stabilizer                                    Medium- Wide                                  $1495

County Stabilizer with grippy XTR leather option. Med-wide tree, wool flocked panels, crafted on Stabilizer spring tree. Integrated knee roll. Moderately used, well cared for and  in good condition.

Flaps 13 1/2"  Gullet 4 1/4"  Serial #02110706