&  Murphy's Sport Horses

    * Rhetoric2008 Oldenburg  - NA/ISR  Site Champ @ Foal inspection 8.4 gaits, 8.4 conformation, 8.4 for type

    * Sire: Robinhood* ~ Holsteiner (Rantares, Cor de la Byere)  

    * Dam:  Graf’s Royal Aine ~ Oldenburg NA /ISR  (Graf Gotthard Z, Secretariat)

    * Keen and athletic with plenty of presence, Rhett has had sucess competing in Dressage and Eventing. Actively shown as a

     youngster, placed 2nd in his 4 yr Young Event Horse class and excelled through Training level as junior horse. In recent years                

     he has primarily been schooling on flat. Educated to approx. 3rd level, talent for more. Obedient yet bold, partners well with confident, capable rider.

Worthy Alliance ~ 2010 Bay Gelding  16.3+  hands        

* Sire: Worthy Opponent**  Elite Hanoverian (Weltmeyer/Bolero/ Hohenstein)

   ~ Reserve Champ @ 2007  100 Day Test

* Dam: Graf’s Royal Aine  Oldenburg/ISR  (Graf Gotthard Z, Secretariat)  

* Braeden is a classy type with lovely presence and a willing attitude. Sensitive and smart with gaits that are elastic and cadenced.  With clear talent for dressage, he is also a very keen and careful  jumper.  With limited showing , dressage scores have been in 70's.

* Brae is in part time training, working at 2nd level with ability for more.    

In Memory of  Graf’s Royal Aine ~     Oldenburg/ ISR  1998-2013   Sire: I am Graf Royal (Graf Gotthard Z/Secretariat)  Dam: Delaney’s Wish  Our first of many homebred Sport horses, Aine  was quick minded, sensitive, bold and independant.  She proved  to be an extraordinary broodmare, producing 4 high quality foals.  The "little mare that could" , her offspring consistantly replicated the type and desireable traits of  their  quailty sires, yet Aine stamped each with her keen sensibility and proud nature.

She is greatly missed and remembered fondly. Her prescence is reflected in the traits and characteristics she passed to each of her offspring, all of which remain with us on our farm .... 

Gaelic Tyme ~ 2007  Oldenburg Mare -  Premium Foal  8's in Type, Conformation & Gaits

Sire: Galeno Tyme* Oldenburg (Granulit, Grande, Barsoi) ~  100 Day Stallion Perf. test winner with record breaking 155 pts overall (2004)

Dam:  Graf’s Royal Aine (I am Graf Royal /Graf Gotthard Z/Secretariat)

* Compact and correct with power, scope and athleticism over fences.  Sweet and smart with a willing temperament, Ceara has evented successfully through Training level with talent for far more. Schooled to 2nd level.

* May 2012 - Produced Premium colt "Winsome Tyme" by elite Hanoverian Worthy Opponent. 

* April 2011 - Produced "Reggae Tyme" - Elegant filly by elite Hanoverian Regazzoni.         

Graf’s Regalia ~2003 Oldenburg Gelding      Sire: Hall of Fame** (Art Deco)

Dam: Graf’s Royal Aine (I am Graf Royal / Graf Gotthard Z /Secretariat)

Aine's first foal ,"Strider" possess his late dam's keen mind and workmanlike loyalty with his sire's size and physical type.  Among the  first of many horses Katelynn educated from backing to show ring,  she and Strider evented through Novice and schooled to 2nd level in dressage.  Although brave and willing over fences, dressage prevailed as his first talent  and in 2011 Strider became my primary horse and dressage partner.  

Reggae Tyme ~ 2011 Chestnut Mare  16.1 h ~ 8.0 at Foal Inspection       **Currently leased                    

 Sire: Regazzoni**** Elite Hanoverian (Rubenstein I/Werther )  Dam: Gaelic Tyme Old/ISR (Galeno Tyme/Granulit/Graf Gotthard Z)

"Lainey"  is a Rubenstein 1 grand-daughter out of a G-line dam. Her pedigree combines superior jumping and dressage talent with her sire and damsire both winning their Stallion Tests (Regazzoni and Galeno Tyme). An offspring of athletes proven to pass high trainability and outstanding work ethic, Lainey is a quick study and a balanced, elastic mover with gaits that optimize easily. Primarily ridden dressage, she is a willing and careful jumper as well as tractable trail companion.  

Old/NA Main Mare book.  Produced an exceptional colt  in June of 2015  - Wrythm and Tyme (8.0 overall ) by elite Hanoverian Worthy Opponent

Naristocrat~ 2004   Arabian/Dutch/TB  -   Bred and raised on our farm - SWEET and would love a person of her own ! Perfect partner for trail or walk/trot activites.

Dam: FF Narissa (Russian Arabian)     Sire :  State of The Art (Art Deco) Dutch WB/TB

"Kiley" sustained a spinal injury at birth.  She is rideable and very  sound at walk/trot but has an irreg.  canter.  Inherently kind, she possess an uncomplicated, amatuer friendly temperament.  She has solid basics, is careful and capable on trail.


Our Saddle fit models ....


Bonaventure Finn ~

2001 Hanoverian/TB Gelding ~ (Bolero/Grande/Mill's Reef xx)   16.3 h.

Chay ~ Pinto Arab/NSH ~ Retired master of all trades & offical barn hooligan. Former trail pro, dressage & eventing competitor, 4-H and Pony Club mount... he truly did it all !  

Dustin ~ 2001 Cremello Quarter Horse ~  A PMU foal from Canada,  my daughter Keri adopted "St. Dustin" in 2010 when he was injured and needed care and lay-up.  

Vanguard ~ 2013 Friesian Sport Horse Gelding  ~ SOLD ~ Congrats Amy & Dean !

*Sire: Van Helsing - Imported Friesian FPS Ster (Fetse 349 , Fetse 293)  

*Dam: Naristocrat (State of the Art, Art Deco ~ Dutch/TB/Arabian)

* Registered with Fresian Blood Horse Registry ~ 50% Friesian.  An exceptionally lovely and balanced colt with superior topline.    Video Link:

Carraig ~2010 Holsteiner / Hanoverian Gelding  - SOLD

Look forward to seeing this talented youngster out and about.. Congrats Stacey!

Sire: Cassini II - Holsteiner (Capitol I , Caletto II)

Dam: Feiner Diva - Oldenburg GOV ( Feiner Stern/Graf Gotthard Z )

Bred by Jeri Bonesteele


Sold - Habanero (Hobbs)  ~ Congrats Ann on your new partnership with Hobbs ! We've enjoyed bringing along this lovely youngster and look forward to receiving updates on his continued progress...  

2010 Oldenburg GOV Gelding - Site Inspection Champion Foal  Bred By Jeri Bonesteele

Sire:  Herzberg -Trakenher (Leonardo, Hetra )  

Dam:  Rubenesque B -Hanoverian  (Routinier, Rohdiamant, Le Champion)



Pastel CF (Saoirse) - 2005 Rhineland Phalz-saar ~ Exceptionally kind Pinto warmblood mare sired by  Palladio-Imported KWPN Pinto (Caletto I, Samber) out of Waterspot (Waterway Drive xx, Hall of Fame, Art Deco). "Saoirse" was  Gold Premium foal that was well raised yet subsequently ended up in dire straits and seized by Animal Control due to grossly insufficient care.  She is now healthy and happy, living in our petite band of mares. She is an honest, forward minded horse with a submissive character.  Entered in Oldenburg NA Main mare book  

2015 -Delivered gorgeous Bay Tobiano colt sired by Grand Prix dressage sire Wild Dance -Hanoverian (WolkensteinII/Weltmeyer/Matcho AA)

     Sold .....

Currently employed by Tall Oaks Equestrian :

Incantation (Magic) - 2003 KWPN Geld ~ (Emilion, Galoubet A)  16.1H    

Tyler - so happy Magic found his special person in you !

We  currently have several quality sport horses available for lease; please inquire for details.